Abraham Lincoln Looked Great in a Cap and So Do Your Dabs:

Why you should be using a Carb Cap whenever you dab

By Karen Jans


Do you cap your nail when you take a dab?

You should be.

The carb cap allows you to lower the temperature of your dab while simultaneously maintaining that temperature so you can volitalizeyour entire glob without wasting or unevenly heating it.

A lower temperature—as many dabbers know—helps maintain all the tasty, terpey flavors and cannabinoids (the stuff, like THC, that gets you high) versus higher temps. Higher temperatures can combust and destroy cannabinoids, and can really make you cough up a lung (and a kidney and maybe also your spleen).

Think of the carb cap like putting the lid back on the pot of boiling water after you threw in the frozen potstickers. Even though the water was at a perfect rolling boil, the potstickers drop that temperature down, until you put the lid back on. The lid creates a little oven so all that heat stays trapped and your better able to control the temperature.

The same is true with dabbing with a carb cap. Once you add the extract into the equation, your nail starts losing heat even faster—especially if you’re trying to start at a lower temperature. But by throwing the lid (carb cap) onto the pot (banger), you’re able to retain that temperature for longer, reducing the risk of leaving a pool of wasted oil.

And once you’ve successfully dabbed, you’ll be better able to enjoy your potstickers!


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